dimanche 13 décembre 2009


There is a special spot in Luxembourg, at "Place de Bruxelles", I wanted to present you.

At first sight, this looks like a simple kiosk. Actually, it used to be one. Its name is "kiosk" or the "project kiosk" though, but it is designed to shelter a temporary artistic installation. The current one is from Isabelle Marmann, and it called "le vent picotait mes joues", i.e., "the wind stang my cheeks" (and the wind in Luxembourg is actually doing so). You have until February 17th, 2010 to get the chance to see it. Next, another artist will take the place. And so on.

A pure instant of poetry at the chore of the city.

A great initiative from Aica Luxembourg.

You'll find more at http://www.aica-luxembourg.lu/. enjoy!

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